DR0313 The Watchers, Homeb - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0349 Summer Promise, Ganab - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0383 Afternoon Shadows, Spitskoppen - Namibia 61X53 USD 275.00
DR0338 Summer Afternoon, Karibib - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0385 Morninglight - Kuiseb, Namibia 50.5X40.5 USD 180.00
DR0366 Messengers of Summer - Namibia 61X76 USD 400.00
DR0329 Beach and Clouds 76X60 USD 400.00

DR0358 The Gap - Keurboomstrand 51X63.5 USD 260.00

DR0382 Summer to Autumn - Namibia 51X41.5 USD 180.00
DR0342 Erongo Shadows - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0378 Drought Relief 61X53.5 USD 275.00
DR0326 Desert Clouds 76X61 USD400.00
Lonely Landmark - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0337 Naukluft Morning - Namibia 61X40.5 USD 250.00
DR0367 The Gift - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0299 Sesriem Canyon - Namibia 41X51 USD 180.00
DR0275 Dordabis Camelthorns - Namibia 51X41 SOLD
DR0263 Banks of the Omaruru River - Namibia 30X40.5 SOLD
DR0375 Treesome 31X41 USD 110.00
DR0374 Evening Promise - Namibia 61X53.5 USD 280.00


DR0373 Afternoonglow - Namibia 53X61 USD280.00
DR0371 Dry Season Contrast 41X30.5 USD 150.00
DR0307 Khanriver Sentinel 61X40.5 USD 200.00
DR0359 Afternoon Bush 51X40.5 USD 180.00
DR0341 Early Light- Namib 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0363 Aiaiba Sunrise - Namibia 61X45 USD 200.00 SOLD

 Please note: all dimensions are in Centimetres

DR0345 Sunshine and Rocks 51X41 USD 180.00


DR0285 Near Arandis 76x61 USD 400.00

DR0357 The Rocks of Ameib 61X41 USD 185.00 SOLD

DR0356 Auas Mountains - Windhoek 61X46 SOLD

DR0298 Vingerklip - Omaruru _ Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00



DR0323 Last Light - Moonvalley Namibia 76X61 Sold



DR0309 Beachcombers - Langstrand 36X46 USD 140.00