DR0349 Summer Promise, Ganab , Namibia 76X61 USD 1160
DR0313 The Watchers - Homeb, Namibia 76X61 USD 700.00
DR0396 Khanvalley Mood - Namibia 76X61 USD 700.00
DR0338 Summer Sky - Karibib, Namibia 76X61 USD 700.00


DR0394 Moonvalley Dusk - Namibia 76X61 USD 700.00
DR0359 Afternoon Bush Fine Art Gallery - Swakopmund
DR0397 Khanriver Sentinel Fine Art Gallery Swakopmund


DR0358 The Gap, Keurboomstrand - South Africa 51X63.5 USD 400.00
DR0393 Last Rays 41X31 USD 250.00
DR0391 Namib Detour 76X61 USD 500.00
DR0392 The Following Day - Namibia 61X41 USD 350.00
DR0390 Kuiseb River - Namibia 92X61 USD 600.00
DR0368 Evening Shadows, Rostock Ritz - Namibia 53.5X61 USD 250.00 SOLD
DR0388 Kupferbergpass - Namibia 61X41 USD 190.00 Fine Art Gallery - Swakopmund
DR0386 The Survivor - Namibia 40X51 USD 300.00
DR0385 Morning Light, Kuiseb - Namibia 50.5X40.5 USD 300.00
DR0389 Erongo Rocks and Shadows 61X46 USD 350.00



 Please note: all dimensions are in Centimetres