DR0361 Somewhere between Aranos and Stampriet 60X40.5 USD 200.00
DR0279 Langstrand Afternoon - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0282 Erongo Rocks - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0367 The Gift - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00

 Please note: all dimensions in centimeters





DR0327 Brandberg Solitude - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00

DR0343 Spitskoppen Hinterland 61X46 USD 200.00 SOLD

DR0308 Rossing Mountain Afternoon - Namibia 51X41 USD 160.00

DR0348 Dry Riverbed, Central Namib 61X53.5 USD 240.00

DR0253 Evening near Helmeringhausen 76X61 USD 340.00

DR0324 Langstrand Pools - Namibia 61X76 USD 340.00


DR0296 Otter trail - South Africa 76X61 USD340.00





DR0305 The Road to Solitaire 61X76 USD 340.00



DR0325 Keurboomsforest 2 61X46 USD 210.00